Inspire Gen Z's to Dream Again in every moment with Budweiser


    Inspire GenZ's to Dream Again in every moment 

    with Budweiser

Korea’s generation MZ is too tired to dream anymore. They have given up the hopes of buying their own homes, getting a good job, or even dating someone else. So Budweiser, as the brand that talks about opportunities and dreams, wanted to inspire the youth once more. So Budweiser collaborated with an artist who could understand these youth more than anyone else in their point of view and launched a limited edition can - a campaign to fire up the Gen MZ’s passion to dream.

With an average of 2 million participants, music audition programs are very popular in Korea. Regardless of education or background, music lets people to success and reach their dreams as the whole world is now the fan of K-POP.

The limited edition can contained the story behind BoA’s success, and her journey until now. The DREAM AGAIN limited edition can catches the attention of Gen MZ with its unique design and the graffiti works of BoA’s face drawn on a large campus with color sprays and brushes.

In addition to the graffiti works, temperature-sensitive ink which turns blue in lower temperatures was used so that a hidden message can be revealed at the best moment to drink beer.


Temperture-Sensitive Ink

Once the perfect temperature is reached, the titles of BoA’s released songs appear in a clear blue color on the background of the can. With this element, customers can check whether their beer is in the best condition to drink and experience a special moment.

A special QR code is inserted in the Budweiser Dream Again limited edition version. Scanning the QR code will show the video of BoA telling her own story of achieving a dream through VR graffiti. The Dream Again can itself becomes the medium of connection between customers and their dreams.


Budweiser’s limited edition is a KEY to link between dream and the young generation that helps Z generation consumers to find their dream. 

With the Budweiser Dream Again limited edition can, consumers can enjoy their beer while reconsidering their forgotten dreams, thus leading them to discuss once more about their dreams with people around them.

And before the official launch, a pre-drop event was held to increase the consumers’ expectations of the upcoming edition. At Sungsoo-dong, the Dream Again can was distributed with the limit of 100 cans, and was exhausted within just one hour.

Budweiser’s Dream Again Campaign was produced in different contents on social media, and the limited edition can was also met with enthusiastic response from the Gen MZ, recording a high online participation rate.

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