GUCCI COSMOGONIE VR POP-UP STORE that contains constellation-like reasoning



   that contains constellation-like reasoning

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By blurring the lines between online and offline spaces, we enable a special brand experience to 

Digital Native customers.

The world has shifted from offline stores to e-commerce. But what about luxury brands? Due to the high price, it is not easy for the customers to make a purchase online. In addition, customers want to experience the brand in person, along with the premium services. GUCCI Korea had to consider a new, interesting way to seize the attention of the Korean MZ Generation – who had the world’s largest purchasing power.

The actual GUCCI Korea’s flagship store was recreated in a fantastic virtual space. The COSMOGONIE collection, inspired by the constellation, was presented with a docent guide. As the collection was perfectly customized for online purchases, customers could visit GUCCI and view any products at 360 degrees, regardless of time and space. Also, after playing an interesting game, customers were invited to a hidden room where they could reserve a visit to the off-line GUCCI store along with a special gift.


The COSMOGONIE collection was held at Castel Del Monte, a historic Medieval place where diverse culture, religion, and ethnicities blended in harmony. Alessandro Michele presented a narrative that connects different timelines and spaces- from past to present, from centuries of accumulated languages and geography.


An homage to Itaewon’s cultural tradition and freedom,

the word ‘Gaok’ in Korean refers to the country’s traditional

house. Directly inspired by the concept, the GUCCI Gaok is located in Itaewon, where vibrance and diversity coexist. Korean traditional culture was embraced by GUCCI’s contemporary sentiment, which can be seen throughout the pop-style exterior and interior of the building. As the most culturally diverse place in the 1970’s ~ 80’s Seoul, Itaewon’s vibrant clubbing culture, people from all around the world, and trendsetting freedom are all represented within the GUCCI Gaok.

Design variables containing the GUCCI COSMOGONIE collection’s philosophy were applied to all UIs in the VIRTUAL POP-UP, including the octagonal shape of Castel del Monte and graphics with the horoscopes’ meanings.

To focus on COSMOGONIE’s concept of constellations, NAVY and IVORY were used to represent the sky and stars respectively, also becoming the main theme colors of the UI design.


The first floor of the VIRTUAL POP-UP is a space where customers can experience COSMOGONIE’s philosophy. By clicking on the screens floating in the universe, they can see the images and videos of the collection, along with the docent audio guide.


VIRTUAL POP-UP’s 2nd and 3rd floor displayed COSMOGONIE collection products exactly as the actual GUCCI Gaok so that customers could see around and purchase the products.


Carefully selected pieces of the COSMOGONIE collection inspired by horoscopic thinking were displayed in the virtual space that resembled the actual Gaok. With the docent guide, customers had an exclusive experience just like they would have had in the offline store.