Polestar 2 Launch Campaign

100% electric Polestar 2 Launch

 Polestar 2 Launch Campaign

    100% electric Polestar 2 Launch

Polestar KR has opened Polestar Gallery in Seoul Wave Art Center unveiling its first mass-produced model, the Polestar 2, which will be launched in Korea.

Seoul Wave Art Center is a two-story floating building on the Han River. Polestar KR conducted branding to announce the launch in the Korean market by displaying the Polestar logo and the number '2', which symbolizes Polestar2, on both sides of the center's exterior, resembling the brand's cube logo.

Polestar Gallery is an extension of the brand's minimalist space experience. Polestar KR representative said, "We will continuously prepare offline spaces that can synergize with the 100% online purchasing process."

2 on Tour

South Korea Edition

The thrill of driving an EV is best experienced first-hand. Learning about it from others just isn’t the same. And while rumor has it that driving a Polestar 2 is an experience to be had, consumers all over South Korea can now try it for themselves, as the updated Polestar 2 tours from city to city.

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